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Why Shoes Market?

Our women’s footwear collection features silhouettes to take you from day to night, from low-top sneakers and boots to sandals, ballerina flats and stilettos. Whether you’re wearing casual, party, or formal outfits, the right types of footwear are crucial to nail the perfect look. We are always next to you to identify the perfect look.


The principles underpinning our aim to do business responsibly are unchanged; we seek always to:

  • Deliver value to our customers
  • Act in an ethical manner
  • Recognise, respect and protect human rights
  • Develop positive relationships with our suppliers and business partners

Reliable, Fast, Global Partnership

Faster Communication

Our customers can reach us in the fastest way and get the quickest solution no matter what the needs are.

Global Transportation

We have the ability to serve our customers wherever in the planet they are. We are always ready to find a solution.

Clear Documentation

As a principle, we support our customers by emailing all the documents they need while transportation, all formalities for the customs are completed before the shipment.

On Time Delivery

To deliver the goods on time is our one of the most important objective since we know our timing is curicial for our customers. We aim and promise to deliver on time.

About ShoesMarket

The concept of ShoesMarket is Reliability, Comfort and Individuality.

This style of work has allowed us to achieve success and expand the boundaries of the affiliate program for more than 20 years. Today, the foundation of the company is 4 trademarks SANDM, MADELLA, KRAUS and MARCO TREDI, the ideal combination and interaction of which allows solving the issue of assortment filling of the trading floor.

An individual approach as the ideology of the company creates all the conditions for a reliable and comfortable affiliate program. The atmosphere and recognizability of the ShoesMarket store opens up new possibilities for using the sales area, from full filling to "Shop in a store".

Only a common goal and full cooperation at every stage of cooperation can create an ideal tandem for opening new horizons and moving forward to increase the attractiveness of the sales area and sales volumes.

History Of ShoesMarket

Since 1998, the Shoesmarket company has successfully established itself in the market of wholesale shoe companies, we are one of the largest manufacturers of European shoes in Turkey. At the moment, we have three trademarks SANDM, Kraus and Madella in our arsenal. Our brands successfully complement each other, significantly expanding the consumer segment of the trading platform. The best offer in terms of price and assortment among shoes made from natural materials.

SANDM is the undisputed leader of women's shoes made in Turkey. These are the best shoe factories in Turkey, which preserve the centuries-old traditions of tailoring, using modern German and Italian equipment. Color and accessories, maximum choice, casual classics and fashion novelties - everything to satisfy any whims such different women.

Consistent comfort and quality workmanship make SANDM shoes a favorite piece of women's wardrobe. Recognizable style, the comfort of a business heel, the sophistication of smart shoes, the warmth of winter boots, the conciseness of a classic boot, the audacity of over the knee boots and the openness of light sandals - all this is done in the most relevant colors of the season and only in natural materials. As we expand the brand, we are bringing back a line of men's shoes based on the three pillars of the brand, comfort, design and affordability. SandM shoes - many images, one brand.

About Madella and Kraus

Versatility and simplicity, as well as "wearability" and reliability.

Madella and Kraus are relatively young brands, but they have already won the recognition of customers due to affordable prices and quality. Every woman, no doubt, at least once in her life made a difficult choice between beauty and comfort. Having often tried on a mountain of shoes in a store, you cannot make a choice beautiful or comfortable?! That is why your choice will always be Madella and Kraus!

Created on the basis of European brands, the Madella and Kraus trademarks implement their own technologies, uses the latest equipment, and many years of experience allows us to attract the best shoe designers and professional technologists to work on the collection, who carefully study the characteristics of the native consumer when developing a new model range.

Wear resistance is one of the most important properties of Madella and Kraus shoes.

Shoes have long ceased to be only a necessary means of protecting the foot from contact with the surface on which we walk. In Europe, most consumers when choosing shoes are guided primarily by its comfort. That is why we create everyday comfort suitable for constant wear.

All models are sewn according to the technologies patented by the manufacturer using the latest European equipment and raw materials. The shoe's unique finish system protects the upper from the weather. When creating lasts, our designers take into account the linear changes of the foot during the day. All pads for new collections are thoroughly tested, and only after expert approval are they put into mass production. Every detail of Madella shoes and Kraus Collection are designed taking into account the harsh conditions of the European climate, properly selected lining, seam processing, shoe upper coating, carefully selected sole material will keep the look and feel confident in any weather.

Extremely practical, comfortable, soft women's models do not differ in too elegant design, but allow you to enjoy every day spent on your feet for a long time. Whether it's a low, stable heel, or practical low-speed shoes, or maybe an urban or sporty style, memory foam insoles, natural materials, an extended size range, various fullness - all these allows Madella and Kraus to expand the circle of their fans.

Madella and Kraus Collection Gallery

You may find some of our best selling products below.

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